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Peace of Mind During The Fight

Supplemental Insurance 

More and more Americans are turning to supplemental insurance policies because they are the best way to prepare for the financial impact of an accident or illness.  At HMA Advantage, we believe that supplemental insurance policies are the most cost-effective way for families to immediately create an emergency fund. 

Why Supplemental Cancer Insurance 

Supplemental cancer insurance is about protecting yourself and your loved ones from unexpected medical expenses due to a cancer diagnosis.  Even with the best health insurance plan, you can still have medical bills that are very costly as you battle cancer.  Your health insurance will cover some costs, but there are many non-medical costs that aren’t covered, leaving a significant financial burden for families to carry while going through treatment.

Supplemental cancer insurance can help with that financial burden.

Cancer Treatment Insurance Plan Highlights

Supplemental cancer insurance is a perfect complement to your existing health insurance to help with medical and non-medical expenses.  Supplemental cancer insurance does not replace your existing health insurance, it makes your existing health insurance work better.   


The cancer insurance plans offered by HMA Advantage provides the following:



  • Cash benefits paid for annual cancer screening

  • Lump sum cash benefit upon diagnosis

  • Cash benefits paid for treatment of cancer

  • Cash benefits paid for hospitalization 

  • Cash benefits paid for stay in I.C.U. (Intensive Care Unit) 

  • Benefits can be used to pay for non-medical expenses (i.e. replace lost wages, bills, childcare, transportation).

  • There's Coverage for individuals, single parents and families.  



To learn more or receive a quote, take a moment to complete the form and one of our representatives will contact you. Cancer has become a reality in our everyday lives and this is an opportunity for you to provide peace of mind for yourself and the ones you love in the event of a cancer diagnosis. 

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