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Sports  Injury Insurance 

Helping Parents Prepare for the Financial Impact of Sports Injuries

Sports  Injuries Can Be Costly 

Injuries have become a big part of youth sports as well as the out-of-pocket expenses that are incurred.  Even though you have health insurance, there are still co-payments and deductibles that can add up to thousands of dollars depending on the nature of the injury.

These medical and non-medical expenses can be frustrating to parents especially when dealing with a minor injury.



Peace of Mind

Sports Injury Insurance provides cash benefits to help deal with the financial impact of sports injuries when they occur.  Sports Injury Insurance functions like an emergency fund in that it pays cash (directly to you) when your child is injured.  The money can be used to pay medical and non-medical expenses. You decide!



Protect Your Athlete

We can never predict when a sports injury will occur but we can certainly be prepared in the event that it does.  The great part of Sports Injury Insurance is that it covers your athlete at home and at school.  So no matter what creates the injury, your child will be protected.



Click the button below to learn how you can protect your athlete in the event of an accident related injury.  One of our representatives would be happy to assist you.



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