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Softball Parents Receive $10,000 for Sports Injury

Ellie and Father

The parents of a softball player received $10,000 from their insurance company. Seventeen-year-old Ellie was playing in a game when she injured her knee. The play that caused the injury didn’t look too bad, but it turned out that Ellie tore her ACL. Her parents remembered they purchased an accident policy that provides money for sports related injuries, so naturally they decided to file a claim. The following is their testimony.

On January 13th our daughter Ellie was injured playing in a softball tournament. The play that caused the injury didn’t look too bad, but after getting an MRI we found out that she had torn her ACL. We immediately called our agent to let him know our daughter had been injured and he helped with processing our claim.

My wife and I wanted to share this because the policy was a real blessing in this situation. We took out the policy in August of 2017 because we see injuries in softball happening all the time. We were blown away that this policy worked exactly the way it was described. The total charge for Ellie’s surgery was $19,029, our health insurance paid $15,907, so that left us with a bill for $3,122.